We are a 



After being "in business" for a decade, I have learned one thing:

What really counts are three things:



Honest, authentic and respectful relationships with everyone, my people, my family, my animals,

yes ...  even with tax people



The people and the planet are united and so is our business. It is part of the earth, of mother Gaya and this is why we have a huge responsibility towards people & planet and must find and create a balance, especially a social balance for the people and fauna & flora. We are all part of this world and need to be protected and respected. This is why making as much profit as possible is not part of our busniness philosophy.



Get off the beaten paths and find new ones, create them and walk them - be a pioneer, it's worth every second!

I simply love being a creator and exploring and doing my own research. I do not consume standard or mainstream media, because then I would be a puppet on the string, dancing their dance and singing Big Industries' songs. I don't like being manipulated by mass media, corrupt industries like Big Pharma, Big Tec, Big Farm and whatsoever.

I prefer using my own brain and coming to my own conclusions by doing my own research. 

This is why I see the word with different eyes.